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IMPORTANT: Vaccination Changes

These are the Dept. of Health and PDE recommendations for immunizations:
*DOH determined that the vaccination rates for PA are low compared to other states.  This is a concern due to outbreaks of measles in California and pertussis (whooping cough) in PA.   Low vaccination rates put the entire population at risk for communicable diseases due to a lowered “herd immunity” (protection for the community against certain communicable diseases that arises when a critical mass of persons are immunized against that disease.  Especially vulnerable are young children and pregnant women).
*The DOH determined that the largest number of non vaccinated children reported to the Department (as part of mandated reporting) were “provisionally enrolled” students.
*Currently – there is an 8 month provisional period in which students can complete vaccination.  Parents can provide verbal information that a child is immune from certain diseases or provide verbal information about a plan to complete vaccinations
*Proposed changes to number or proof of vaccines
    – Polio – addition of one required dose of the vaccine from “three or more” to “four”
    – MMR(measles mumps rubella) and Chickenpox – in the absence of proof of vaccines, the proof of disease can no longer be “history by parent” but must be written documentation by a physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or laboratory documentation.
    – addition for 12th grade students – “one dose of a meningitis vaccine for entry into 12th grade at any public, private, parochial or nonpublic school in the Commonwealth, including vocational schools, IU, special education and home education programs, and cyber and charter schools, or in and ungraded class, for students in the school year that the student is 18 years of age, if the child has not received a previous dose on or after the child’s 16th birthday.”
School district / administrator responsibilities:
*ensure that all students are admitted to school  with evidence of the administration of at least one dose of each antigen has been administered to the child
*ensure that the child receives the final dose of each vaccine series within 5 days of the first day of attendance as evidenced by a certificate of immunization provided by the parent (** it may be worth mentioning that RSD nurses have access to the state data base for immunizations and check that before they are allowed to exclude per my directive and that we are the only district in the country to have a school based Vaccine for Children’s clinic that is not attached to a school based health center)  OR…
*the parent provides a medical certificate (appointment card, verified health care provider note) that the vaccine will be administered on a specific date or can’t be administered due to a medical contraindication.   If there is a plan for vaccinations to be completed, that plan must be reviewed by school personnel every 60 days (minimal).  (**RSD nurses refer students to their primary health care providers, the Berks Community Health Center, the Dept. of Health, Berks Visiting Nurses and the clinic at Lauer’s Park.)
Note – these laws are not applicable if the child is verified as homeless or if they are moving within PA and cannot produce the records, in which case they have 30 days to produce the immunization  records.  (The thought is that they attended school somewhere else in PA and therefore should have records of immunization).
This is an unfunded mandate….   per the DOH… “The savings in the prevention of an outbreak of a childhood illness in a school district should outweigh the minimal cost in staff time.”   


The following is a list of all required vaccines:

All Students Are Required To Have:

4 doses of Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (in combined vaccine form)

4 doses of Polio

2 doses of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (in combined form)

3 doses of Hepatitis B

2 doses of Varicella (Immunity can be proven with laboratory titers or a note from a health care provider documenting disease.)


Students Entering/Attending 7th Grade Need the Following:

1 dose of Tetanus, Diptheria and Acellular Pertussis (Tdap)

1 dose of Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MCV)


Student Entering/Attending 12th Grade Need Following:

1 dose of Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MCV) (documentation of a dose on or after the age of 16 is acceptable)


Free Immunizations are available at:

Berks Visiting Nurse Association     610-378-0481 Ext. 3294

Department of Health     610-378-4377

You may also contact your Health Care Provider



June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day!

        9:00        Prayer Time

        9:25        Worship

                        Song Leader – Kurt Nolt

                        Offering – Leadership Support

        9:45        Message – Marcus Fox

        10:40     Singing & Classes for All Ages

                        Adult Lesson:  “”Egypt Shall Know”      

        11:35     Dismissal

Sunday Evening – No service at Fairview.

Wednesday Evening, June 22, 7:30 PM

        Moderator – Dan Lapp

        Song Leader – Bryce Fox

        Devotions – Eddie Gehman

        Topic – “Biblical Discipline of Children” – Ryan Martin

        Prayer Time

Greeters:  June 19 – Jeremy & Joanna Martin     June 26 – Kurt & Judith Nolt

Hostess:  June 26 – Bambi Good

 A happy home is more than a roof over your head –

it’s a foundation under your feet.

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!

        June 22 – Amy Huber

        June 23 – Brooklyn Fox – 8 years old

        June 23 – Seth Kulp

        June 23 – Lewis Nolt – 11 years old

        June 23 – RaVonne Rhodes

        June 23 – Joe & Kendra Martin – Congratulations – 9 years!

        June 24 – Mithra George

        June 25 – Hannah Steinruck – 12 years old

Blessing Our Missionaries:

Geoff Sensenig Family: June 19-Ben Martin; June 26-Renee Sensenig


Brent Fox Family: June 19-Dan Lapp; June 26-Curvin Weaver

        1906 Kelsey Hwy, Ionia, MI 48846 (brently1228@gmail.com)

Rebekah Weiner: June 19-Keith Nolt; June 26-Melissa Kulp

TOP School, 329 E Poplar St, York, PA 17403 (bekah4jesuschrist@gmail.com)

Rick Rhodes Family: June 19-Andrew Martin; June 2-Ryan Martin


Phone # – Add to your address list and delete the one that is there.

Clifford & Johannah Steinruck – 610-823-3276

Pray for the boys and counselors attending Keystone Boys’ Camp this coming week, June 20-24.

Our Sympathy to Orpha Gehman whose half-sister Martha went to be with the Lord Jesus on June 9.  She was 100 years old. 

Looking Ahead

June 26, Sun PM – Family Groups

 The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice:

and he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him.  

Proverbs 23:24

June 12, 2016

“Trust in the LORD, and do good.” Psalm 37:3

        9:00        Prayer Time

        9:25        Worship

                        Song Leader – Tony Hollinger

                        Offering – General Fund

        9:45        Message – Ben Martin  

        10:40     Singing & Classes for All Ages

                        Adult Lesson:  The “I Am” Speaks to Moses

        11:35     Dismissal

Sunday Evening – No service at Fairview.

Wednesday Evening, June 15, 7:30 PM – Small Groups

          Moderator – Kurt Nolt

          Song Leader – Jeff Weaver

          Women – Nancy Kulp – “My Faith Journey”

          Children – Ages 3-6 – Sheryl Fox

          Ages 7-13 – Joe Martin, Bus Driver – Marcus Fox

          Youth – Isaiah Fox

Saturday, June 18 – Keystone Youth Softball Game

        4:00 at Heidelberg Community Park, 7:00 Supper

Greeters:  Jun 12–Jonny & Natalie Martin     June 19-Jeremy & Joanna Martin

Hostess:  Jun 12-Janna Lapp – Family Group     Jun 19-Krista Arentz

Pray that the seeds of truth given during Summer Bible School would grow in the hearts of the students.

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!

        June 12 – Ralli Zook

        June 13 – Robert Bara-Popa

        June 14 – Jeremy & Joanna Martin – Congratulations – 19 years!

        June 16 – Bambi Good

        June 17 – Adrian Bara-Popa, Jr

        June 17 – Ben & Corrie Martin – Congratulations – 10 years!

Blessing Our Missionaries:

Geoff Sensenig Family: June 12-Nancy Kulp; June 19-Ben Martin


Brent Fox Family: June 12-Ted Steinruck; June 19-Dan Lapp

        1906 Kelsey Hwy, Ionia, MI 48846 (brently1228@gmail.com)

Rebekah Weiner: June 12-Tony Hollinger; June 19-Keith Nolt

TOP School, 329 E Poplar St, York, PA 17403 (bekah4jesuschrist@gmail.com)

Rick Rhodes Family: June 12-Arlin King; June 19-Andrew Martin


Moved … New Address

          Clifford & Johannah have moved into an addition at Ted & Elaine’s home.  Clifford’s mailing address is now:  3029 Friedensburg Rd, Reading, PA 19606.  Cliff’s cell phone number is 610-685-7759.

Note from Brent & Krista Fox Family

Greetings from MI! We are doing well, and continue to enjoy our time here.  Brent is still acing all his tests (including the big, important FAA airframe test he took in April) and staying at the top of his class. The children and I finished our year of homeschooling (!!) and are looking forward to a laid-back summer & crossing things off our “To-Do in Michigan” list.  One highlight recently was spending a weekend in Chicago with our old neighbors from Cotton Street.   As we head towards the end of our year here, please pray with us as we make decisions for our future from here.  Thanks!  - Krista Fox

Remember Clarence Horst in your prayers.

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