Fairview Christian School

December 7, 2014

Sunday Morning
9:00 Prayer Time
9:25 Singing, Announcements, Offering
Song Leader – Ralli Zook
Offering – Fairview Christian School
9:45 Sermon – Jay Fox
10:40 Singing & Dismissal to Classes for All Ages
Lesson Title: “Jesus Confronts the Tempter”
11:30 Singing in Auditorium & Dismissal

Sunday Evening – No Evening Service at Fairview

Wednesday, December 10, Congregational Day of Fasting & Prayer

Wednesday Evening, December 10, 7:00
Ladies Meeting – packing food baskets in church basement.

Hostess: Dec 7 – Carissa King           Dec 14 – Justine Nolt

Greeters: Dec 7 –Nate & Maria Waldron          Dec 14 – Eli & Bonnie Sensenig

Ladies, you may contribute to the Sunshine Fund during class today.

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!
Dec 7 – Kirsten Shirk
Dec 13 – Kyran Rutt – 3 years old

Looking Ahead
Dec 14, Sun PM – Children’s Ministry Evening
Moderator-Jason Fox, Story-Ryan Huber, Snack-Denise Fox,
Kindergarten-Faye Steinruck, First/Second-Sheryl Fox,
Third/Fourth-Bambi Good, Fifth/Sixth-Randy Petersheim,
Seventh/Eighth-Brent Fox, Adults-Willis Petersheim
Offering: Rick Rhodes Family

Dec 17, Wed PM – Small Groups

Dec 21, Sun AM, 9:45 Sunday School, 10:30 Christmas Program

Dec 21, Sun PM, Christmas Caroling

Writing Your Story
No matter what else you are doing –
From cradle days through to the end
You’re writing your life’s secret story;
Each day sees another page penned.

Each month ends a thirty-page chapter,
Each year means the end of a part,
And never an act is misstated,
Nor every a wish from the heart.

Each day when you wake the book opens
Revealing a page clean and white.
What thoughts and what words and what actions
Will cover its surface by night?

God leaves that to you – you’re the writer,
And never one word shall grow dim
‘Til some day you write the word “finis,”
And give back your life book to Him.
-Author Unknown

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