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January 31, 2016

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90:12

Sunday Morning

          9:00      Prayer Time

          9:25      Worship

                        Song Leader – Tony Hollinger

                        Offering – Olive Branch Mennonite Missions

          9:45      Message:  Ben Martin

        10:40     Singing & Classes for All Ages

                        Adult Lesson: “Sin No More”

        11:35     Dismissal

Sunday Evening – Family Group Time   

Wednesday, February 3, 7:30 PM, Winter Bible School

        Wed, February 3 Wed, February 10
Moderator Ben Martin Marcus Fox
Song Leader Ryan Huber Steve Petersheim
Ages 3-5   Room E Joanna/Amy Sheryl/Tamara
Ages 6-8   Basement Janelle Weaver Sylvia Gehman
Ages 9-11 Lighthouse Kurt Nolt Ryan Huber
Address – Auditorium A Neighbor in a Fast-Paced Society – Orval Graybill Respect and Care for the Elderly -Paul Hess

Greeters: Jan 31 – Duane & Angela Kulp     Feb 7 – Isaiah & Andra Fox

Hostess: Jan 31 – Denise Fox     Feb 7 – Sheryl Fox

Youth: Sat, Jan 30 – Keystone Youth Activity. Meet at church at 6:15 for a ride to Terre Hill High School. “Biblical World View” – Nathan Zook. Volleyball & Snacks.

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!

Feb 3 – Brianna Nolt – 4 years old                 Feb 4 – Jillian Zook – 4 years old

Feb 4 – Doris Good                                            Feb 6 – Javian Rutt – 3 years old

Feb 4 – Darla Hanna                                          Feb 6 – Tony Hollinger

Blessing Our Missionaries & Others:

Geoff Sensenig Family:  Jan 31-Ben Martin; Feb 7-Kevin Arentz


Andrea Fox:  Jan 31-Curvin Weaver; Feb 7-Molly Schearer

        PO Box 156, Cherry Creek, SD 57622 (gotjesus95@gmail.com)

Brent Fox Family:  Jan 31-Dan Lapp; Feb 7-Keith Gehman

        1906 Kelsey Hwy, Ionia, MI 48846 (brently1228@gmail.com)

Rebekah Weiner: Jan 31-Keith Nolt; Feb 7-McKenzie Steinruck

TOP School, 329 E Poplar St, York, PA 17403 (bekah4jesuschrist@gmail.com)

Jordan Steinruck: Jan 31-Caleb Gehman; Feb 7-Jay Fox

        Bald Eagle Boys Camp, 1077 Wilderness Trail, Mill Hall, PA 17751

Kenny & Lonell Martin: Jan 31-Duane Kulp; Feb 7- Matt Burkholder


Looking Ahead – Changes to Church Calendar

Feb 6 & 7, Sat & Sun, Marriage Seminar with Jason Reed

     Saturday night: 5:00 Session 1; 6:00 Supper; 7:00 Session 2

     Sunday morning: Session 3 during Sunday School

Feb 7, Sun PM – No Service

Feb 14, Sun PM – Children’s Ministry

Feb 21, Sun PM – Exalt (held at Terre Hill Mennonite High School)

One night when Robert Louis Stevenson was a small boy, his nanny called him to come to bed. Oblivious to her summons, he was staring outside his nursery window. The nanny walked over, stood at his shoulder and inquired patiently, “Robert, what are you looking at?” The little boy, without taking his eyes away from the window exclaimed in wonder as he pointed to the lamplighter who was lighting the street lamps, “Look, Nanny, that man is putting holes in the darkness!”  Surely as we let our light shine before men, that they may see our good works and glorify God, we also can put some holes in the darkness of men (Matthew 5:16).     –Submitted & edited by Margie Reis from flip calendar by Anne Graham Lotz

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