Fairview Christian School

July 26, 2015

“Call unto me and I will answer thee.”  Jeremiah 33:3

 Sunday Morning

        9:00        Prayer Time

        9:25        Singing, Announcements, Offering

                        Song Leader – Kurt Nolt

                        Offering – Building Fund  

        9:45        Message – Marcus Fox

        10:40     Singing & Dismissal to Classes for All Ages

                        Lesson Title: “The New Covenant”

        11:30     Singing in Auditorium & Dismissal

 Sunday Evening, July 26                                   

        Meet with your family group for fellowship & encouragement.

Wednesday, July 29, 7:30 PM

        Moderator – Kevin Arentz

        Song Leader – Randy Petersheim

        Topic – Encouragement for Young Families – Brian Fox

        Prayer Time

Greeters:     July 26 – Nathan & Lauren Rutt             

                      Aug 2 – Eli & Bonnie Sensenig

Hostess:     July 26 – Joanna Martin

                 Aug 2 – Kendra Martin

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!

        July 26 – Ken Troyer

        July 26 – Steve & Sandi Petersheim – Congratulations – 7 years!

        July 29 – Sheila Troyer

        July 30 – Timothy Nolt

        July 30 – Nathaniel & Maria Waldron – Congratulations – 4 years!

Blessing Our Missionaries: Send something to brighten their week.

Geoff Sensenig Family:  July 26-Keith Nolt, Aug 2-Brian Shirk

Rick Rhodes Family:  July 26-Nancy Kulp; Aug 2-Joe Martin

Dorothy Steinruck: July 26-Orpha Gehman; Aug 2-Brent Fox

        1776 Elly Rd, Aroda, VA 22709 (godsgotdot@gmail.com)

Melissa Kulp: July 26-Emory Martin; Aug 2-Jeff Weaver


 Pray for:

Upcoming Open Gate weekend for youth at Camp Andrews – July 31-Aug 2.

The continuing work on our “new” church building and for permits needed.


A Useful Vessel

It’s not what we keep but what we share,

Not what we have but what we spare,

Now what we clasp but what we lose,

Now what we hide but what we use.

A vessel He will make of you,

If small or great, ‘twill surely do –

Great joy and peace will always fill

The one who’s yielded to His will.

                                            -Author Unknown

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