Fairview Christian School

July 9, 2017

“Serve the Lord with gladness.” Psalm 100:2  

9:20        Worship

                Song Leader – Tony Hollinger

 9:40       Announcements & Offering

                Offering – General Fund

9:50        Message – Jason Fox

10:30     Testimonies

10:40     Superintendent Comments

10:45     Sunday School

                Adult Lesson: “The Cities of Refuge”

11:30     Children’s Singing & Closing – Nathan Rutt

Sunday Evening, July 9, 6:30 PM, Baptismal Service

Meet along the Schuykill Riverfront … from South Seventh Street turn right onto Canal Street.  On the left you will see a walking path between 2 metal towers.  Bring lawn chairs and finger foods for a snack afterwards.

                These young people will be baptized:

                Dawson Arentz                 Clara Steinruck

                Blake Fox                             Hannah Jo Steinruck

                Shaina Fox                          Andrew Weaver

                Emily Gehman                   Rachelle Weaver

Wednesday, July 12, Congregational Day of Fasting and Prayer

Wednesday Evening, July 12, 7:30 PM

Fairview Church Business Meeting

Song Leader – Brian Shirk

Greeters: July 9 – Brian & Kirsten Shirk     July 16 – Fred & Faye Steinruck

Hostess: July 9 – Corrie Martin                      

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!

                July 9 – Duane Kulp

                July 12 – Eddie Gehman

                July 13 – Julia Zimmerman

                July 13 – Reggie Rhodes – 7 years old

                July 14 – Rebekah Petersheim – 10 years old

                July 15 – Cadence Martin – 1 year old

                July 15 – Caitlin Herzog

                July 15 – Rebekah Weiner

Blessing Those Away from Home

Geoff Sensenig Family: July 9-Lance Risser; July 16-Eli Sensenig


Rick Rhodes Family: July 9-Brian Shirk; July 16-Kenny Martin

rickrenitarhodes@hotmail.com (Thailand)

Brenda Weaver:  July 9-Ted Steinruck; July 16-Pam Witmer

Brweaver013@gmail.com (Honduras)

Tiffany Fox: July 9-Arlin King; July 16-Orpha Gehman

Tiffdfox8@gmail.com (Grenada)

Looking Ahead

July 16, Sun PM, Family Groups

July 19, Wed PM, Service with Open Gate students – Jason Reed

July 30, Sun PM, Church Picnic

Aug 13, Sun PM, Baptism for Connor Good, Garbriel Lapp, Shadrach Lapp, Zachariah Nolt, Dylan Sensenig

Pray for

Melanie Stoltzfus – serving in the mission field for a month.  Pray for her safety and that she would be used to spread God’s love.

Ken & Sheila Troyer family teaching in Thailand

Brent & Krista Fox preparing to service in Papua New Guinea

Tony & Ericka Hollinger and baby Micah

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