Fairview Christian School

March 1, 2015

Sunday Morning
9:00 Prayer Time
9:25 Singing, Announcements, Offering
Song Leader – Brian Fox
Offering – Fairview Christian School
9:45 Sermon – Ted Steinruck
10:40 Singing & Dismissal to Classes for All Ages
Lesson Title: “Proper Perception of the Sabbath”
11:30 Singing in Auditorium & Dismissal

Sunday Evening, March 1, 6:30 PM, Council Service
Moderator – Jason Fox
Song Leader – Ben Martin
Message – Marcus Fox
Offering – Brotherhood Fund

Wednesday Evening, March 4, 7:30 PM
Song Leader – Seth Kulp
Moderator/Topic – Marcus Fox
“Ministering to the Gay Community”
Singing & Children’s Classes
Ages 3-5: Andra/Krista Fox Ages 6-8: Angela/Natalie

Greeters: Mar 1 – Kevin & Bambi Good          Mar 8 – Isaiah & Andra Fox
Hostess: Mar 1 – Vonda Fox          Mar 8 – Judith Nolt – FG

Saturday, March 7, 3:00 & 7:00 PM, at Faith Fellowship
Olive Branch Mennonite Missions Annual Meeting
“God Prepares Missionaries” and “God Uses Missionaries”
Speaker: Lester Zimmerman Nolt Family will sing (7:00 PM).

Ladies, you may contribute to the Sunshine Fund during class today.

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!
Mar 1 – Tyler Zimmerman – 4 years old
Mar 4 – Keith Nolt
Mar 5 – Melissa Kulp              Mar 5 – Raine Sensenig – 9 years old
Mar 7 – Fred Steinruck           Mar 7 – Maya Sensenig – 12 years old

Looking Ahead
Mar 8, Sun, Daylight Savings Time – Turn clocks one hour ahead
Mar 11, Wed PM, Ministering to Atheists – Nate Waldron
Children Ages 3-5: Sheryl/Carissa, Ages 6-8: Sheila/Kim

Blessing Our Missionaries … Send an email, a card, note, or a small package to brighten their week.
Geoff Sensenig Family: Mar 1 – Fred Steinruck; Mar 8 – Ted Steinruck
Rick Rhodes Family: Mar 1 – Kurt Nolt; Mar 8 – Brian Fox
Dorothy Steinruck: Mar 1 – Brenda Weaver; Mar 8 – Steve Petersheim
1776 Elly Rd, Aroda, VA 22709 (godsgotdot@gmail.com)
Andrea Fox: Mar 1 – Ryan Huber; Mar 8 – Renee Sensenig
PO Box 156, Cherry Creek, SD 57622 (gotjesus95@gmail.com)

Host a Fairview Youth Activity … The Youth Group Committee is looking for families willing to host an activity at their house this year. We are hoping to have one activity a month at a church family’s home. We would ask you to lead out in a short Bible Study and plan a snack or supper for the evening. If you would like to host an activity, please talk to Arlin or Carissa King. Thanks!

Welcome Baby Boy! Jeff & Sarah Weaver have a new son, Jeffrey Rilyn, who was born on Friday, February 20. He joins his siblings – a big brother and 4 sisters. God’s blessings on your home!

Ryan Fox is spending 6 weeks at Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute, February 23 – April 3. Remember him in prayer & with mail. His email address is rysky96@gmail.com.

Continue to remember Louis Apsokardu in your prayers, with your cards, visits, etc. while he recovers from shoulder surgery.

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