Fairview Christian School

May 29, 2016

“Thou art worthy, O Lord …”   Revelation 4:11 

        9:00        Prayer Time

        9:25        Worship

                        Song Leader – Brian Fox        

                        Offering – Geoff Sensenig Family

        9:45        Message – Marcus Fox

        10:40     Singing & Classes for All Ages

                        Adult Lesson: “The Believer’s Motivating Hope”

        11:35     Dismissal

Sunday Evening, 6:30 PM

        Moderator – Marcus Fox

        Song Leader – Fred Steinruck

        Singing – Marcus Fox Family

        Topic: Following God’s Leading – Tony Hollinger

        Offering – Keystone Mennonite Fellowship

Wednesday Evening, June 1, 7:30 Mid-Week Meeting

        Preparation for Summer Bible School

Greeters:  May 29 – Kenny & Lonell Martin     June 5 – Ben & Corrie Martin

Hostess:  May 29 – Angela Kulp     June 5 – Kendra Martin

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!

        May 29 – Dan & Janna Lapp – Congratulations – 23 years

        June 2 – Ted & Elaine Steinruck – Congratulations – 26 years

        June 4 – Asher Fox – 6 years old

Blessing Our Missionaries:

Geoff Sensenig Family: May 29-Lisa Bansner; June 5-Sylvia Gehman


Brent Fox Family: May 29-Matt Burkholder; June 5-Kevin Good

        1906 Kelsey Hwy, Ionia, MI 48846 (brently1228@gmail.com)

Rebekah Weiner: May 29-Kim Petersheim; June 5-Brenda Weaver

TOP School, 329 E Poplar St, York, PA 17403 (bekah4jesuschrist@gmail.com)

Rick Rhodes Family: May 29-Leon Eberly; June 5-Roy Good


Looking Ahead

June 5-10, Sun-Fri, Summer Bible School

June 11, Sat, Keystone Youth Ball Game

June 15, Wed, Small Groups

          Men – Arlin King: Building Trust in Relationships

          Women – Nancy Kulp: My Faith Journey

          Children Ages 3-6 – Sheryl Fox

          Ages 7-13 – Joe Martin, Bus Driver – Marcus Fox

          Youth – Isaiah Fox

June 26, Sun PM, Family Groups

If my neighbor needed a cup of sugar, I would give it to him;

But what if he needed a friend?

If my neighbor needed bread, I would share with him;

But what if he needed love?

If my neighbor needed shoes, I would provide them for him;

Bu what if he needed compassion?

If my neighbor needed water, I would dig him a well,

But what if he needed God?

God grant me the wisdom to give my neighbor

What he really needs!

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