Fairview Christian School

November 2, 2014

Sunday Morning
9:00 Prayer Time
9:25 Singing, Announcements, Offering
Song Leader – Brian Fox
Offering – Fairview Christian School
9:45 Sermon – Ted Steinruck
10:30 Singing
Missionary Secretary Report – Melissa Kulp
10:40 Sunday School Classes for All Ages
Lesson Title: “Samson and the Philistines”
11:30 Singing in Auditorium & Dismissal

Sunday Evening, October 26, 6:30 PM
Moderator – Ted Steinruck
Song Leader – Joe Martin
Message – Jared Weaver (Mt. Hope)
Offering – Keystone Mennonite Fellowship

Wednesday Evening, November 5, 7:30 PM
Moderator – Marcus Fox
Song Leader – Brian Shirk
Devotions – Bryce Fox
Topic – “Child Training Tips” – Clifford Zook
Prayer Time

Hostess: Nov 2 – Darla Hoover          Nov 9 – Lisa Petersheim

Greeters: Nov 2 – Emory & Dawn Martin          Nov 9 – Ben & Corrie Martin

Daylight Savings Time Ends on Sunday, November 2 – Turn your clocks BACK one hour!

Ladies, you may contribute to the Sunshine Fund this morning.

Birthdays – God bless your day!
Nov 5 – Jay Fox
Nov 5 – Carissa King
Nov 7 – McKenzie Steinruck – 14 years old
Nov 8 – Dawn Martin

Updated Information for 2015 Church Calendar/Address List
Have you checked your phone numbers and email addresses on the 2014 church calendar? Give updated information to Sylvia.

What To Do For Your Pastor
Build his spiritual power by praying for him. When you pray for your pastor, you pray for your church, your community, and your family.
Build his reputation by speaking well of him. All pastors are human; they have weak and strong points. His influence will depend on which of them you stress.
Build his morale by encouraging him. Every pastor needs to be encouraged at times. Encouragement costs so little, yet it means so much!
Build his leadership by cooperating with him. For every great leader, there must be some great followers.
Build his pulpit power by coming to hear him. Full pews challenge a pastor to prepare and deliver great sermons. Empty pews can discourage him.
By far the greatest thing you can do for your pastor is to follow the Christ whom he preaches and exemplifies.

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