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October 11, 2015

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Romans 16:20

Sunday Morning

        9:00        Prayer Time

        9:25        Singing, Announcements, Offering

                        Song Leader – Tony Hollinger

                        Offering – General Fund

        9:45        Message:  Marcus Fox

“Life After Death” Part 1 of 2

        10:40     Singing & Classes for All Ages

                        Adult Lesson: “Elisha & the Shunammite”

        11:35     Dismissal

Sunday Evening, October 11, 6:30 PM – Communion 

        Song Leader – Nathan Rutt

        Moderator – Ben Martin

        Message – Ted Steinruck

        Offering – Brotherhood Fund

Wednesday, October 14 – Congregational Day of Fasting & Prayer

Wednesday Evening, October 14, 7:30 PM – Midweek Meeting

        Song Leader – Fred Steinruck

        Topic: “Finances” – Marcus Fox

        Prayer Time                                           

Greeters:  Oct 11–Clifford & Loila Zook            Oct 18 – Ralli & Kim Zook

Hostess:   Oct 11–Judith Nolt (Family Group)    Oct 18 – Erika Hollinger

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!

Oct 11 – Jordan Steinruck – 16 years old – see address on next pg to send cards

Oct 11 – Virgil & Leanne Weaver – Congratulations on 12 years!

Oct 13 – Bryce Fox – 15 years old

Oct 14 – Ed & Ethel Kurtz – Congratulations on 65 years!

Oct 16 – Chloe Martin – 7 years old

Oct 16 – Juliana Petersheim – 4 years old

Looking Ahead

Oct 18, Sun PM, Children’s Ministry

        Moderator/Song Leader/Story – Nathan Rutt;   Snack – Janna Lapp,

        K-TBA, 1st & 2nd –Vonda Fox, 3rd & 4th – Krista Arentz,

        5th & 6th – Isaiah Fox, 7th & 8th – Ken Troyer, Adult – Ben Martin

Blessing Our Missionaries & Others:

Geoff Sensenig Family:  Oct 11-Kenny Martin; Oct 18-Willis Petersheim

Rick Rhodes Family:  Oct 11-Ryan Martin; Oct 18-Nathan Rutt

Andrea Fox:  Oct 11-Steve Petersheim; Oct 18-Fred Steinruck

        PO Box 156, Cherry Creek, SD 57622 (gotjesus95@gmail.com)

Brent Fox Family: Oct 11-Kurt Nolt; Oct 18-Renee Sensenig

        1906 Kelsey Hwy, Ionia, MI 48846 (brently1228@gmail.com)

Rebekah Weiner: Oct 11-Heidi Weaver; Oct 18-Camille Gehman

TOP School, 329 E Poplar St, York, PA 17403 (bekah4jesuschrist@gmail.com)

Jordan Steinruck: Oct 11-Eli Sensenig; Oct 18-Jeff Weaver

        Bald Eagle Boys Camp, 1077 Wilderness Trail, Mill Hall, PA 17751

2016 Calendar – If you have a changed address, email, phone, or other information that needs to be corrected, please give it to Sylvia Gehman.

News from Brent Fox Family

Hi from Michigan!  For the most part, we have made a smooth transition from Reading to Ionia!  Brent is at school from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm and enjoying his classes (studying aircraft electricity, physics, weight & balance…).  Homeschooling is also going smoothly (most days!), but the children say we don’t go on enough field trips.  I am enjoying the slower pace of life, lots of family time, and exploring a new area.  Thanks SO much for your support.  We feel very blessed!  (And we love to hear from you!)  -Krista Fox

Pray for:

        Jay Fox who is preaching at Lincoln Revival Meetings from Wednesday, October 7, through Sunday, October 11.

        Paul Weiner & Caleb Gehman traveling to Guatemala on October 7 and returning October 23.

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