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September 6, 2015

“O LORD; thou art great, and thy name is great in might.” Jeremiah 10:6

Sunday Morning

        9:00        Prayer Time

        9:25        Singing, Announcements, Offering

                        Song Leader – Ralli Zook

                        Offering – Fairview Christian School              

        9:45        Sermon:  Jim Weaver, Myerstown  

        10:40     Singing & Classes for All Ages

                        Lesson Title: “Preparing for the Temple”

        11:35     Dismissal

Sunday Evening – No service at Fairview

Wednesday, September 9 – Congregational Day of Fasting & Prayer

Wednesday, September 9, 7:30 PM

        Song Leader – Joe Martin

        Moderator – Kurt Nolt

        Personal Testimony – Duane Kulp

        Prayer Time

Saturday, September 12– Church Picnic at Bowmansville Park …

        4:00 Children’s Games, 5:00 Supper, 6:00 Softball 

        Bring the food that you signed up to bring.   Also bring lawn chairs.

Greeters:   Sept 6 – Nate & Maria Waldron          Sept 13 – Curvin & Elaine Weaver

Hostess:    Sept 6 – Elaine Steinruck                   Sept 13 – Anita Burkholder – Family Group

Ladies, you may contribute to the Sunshine Fund during class today.

Looking Ahead

Sept 13, Sun PM, Council Meeting

Sept 20-23, Sun-Wed, Bible Conference with Ray Wenger

                        “Attributes of God”

Birthdays & Anniversaries – God bless your day!

        Sept 6 – Kim Zook

        Sept 6 – Tanner Arentz – 9 year old

        Sept 8 – Kurt & Judith Nolt – Congratulations on 14 years!

        Sept 9 – Ben Martin

        Sept 11 – Emily Bansner – 17 years old

        Sept 11 – Jedidiah Petersheim – 1 year old

        Sept 12 – Olivia Nolt – 9 years old

        Sept 12 – Arielle Martin – 5 years old

Blessing Our Missionaries & Others:

Geoff Sensenig Family:  Sept 6-Roy Good; Sept 13-Isaiah Fox

Rick Rhodes Family: Sept 6-Ralli Zook; Sept 13-Eli Sensenig

Dorothy Steinruck: Sept 6-Teresa Weaver; Sept 13-Dan Lapp

        1776 Elly Rd, Aroda, VA 22709 (godsgotdot@gmail.com)

Andrea Fox: Sept 6-Molly Schearer; Sept 13-Ethel Kurtz

        PO Box 156, Cherry Creek, SD 57622 (gotjesus95@gmail.com)

Brent Fox Family:Sept 6-Keith Gehman; Sept 13-Roy Good

Rebekah Weiner: Sept 6-Della Meier; Sept 13-Caitlin Herzog

        Tidings of Peace Christian School, 329 E Poplar St, York, PA 17403

Jordan Steinruck: Sept 6-Ryan Fox; Sept 13-Harry Hanna

        Bald Eagle Boys Camp, 1077 Wilderness Trail, Mill Hall, PA 17751

I expect to pass through this world but once.  Any good, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow being, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

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