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September Newsletter 2012


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Know ye that the Lord He is God: it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people, and the sheep of His pasture. Psalm 100:3

Communication Envelopes
At the end of each month, your newsletters, calendars, statements, and other parent correspondences will be placed in this yellow envelope and sent home with the oldest student in your family.

Please read the contents, sign and date the envelope, and return it to the office by the due date on your statement. Keep the information that is inside. Your signature tells us you have the information. Feel free to use the envelope to make payments or other communications when returning it to the office.

Sometimes you will receive forms in these envelopes that we want returned to the office. Please send these forms back to school no later than the given due date.

If we do not have your envelope to reuse the next month, you will be charged $1.00 for a new one.

Volleyball Games
We are looking forward to another good volleyball season. We would like to remind the parents that we are not responsible to babysit your children during this time. Please do not leave your children here unless there is an older sibling to watch them. Children may not play in the school before or during the games.

There are several away games. We ask that each student participating brings $1 to help with fuel cost. Also, we ask that children from K to LC3, who wish to go along, have special permission from their parents and teacher.

Box Tops
We will again be collecting Box Tops, Campbell’s Soup Labels, and ink cartridges this year. We have been very thankful for the benefits of them in the past years.

Parent-Teacher Fellowship
We are looking forward to meeting all the parents at our Parent-Teacher Fellowship on Monday, October 1st , at 7:30pm. We will be holding this event at the school. Ralph Rice will be the guest speaker.

Ladies’ Prayer Time
Beginning Wednesday, September 5, all mothers are invited to come together for a time of prayer at school in the conference room. This will be held regularly on the 1st Wednesday of the month from 8:15-9:00. We believe prayer does make a difference in the lives of our children and staff. Come and be blessed as you bless others with your prayers.

Staff Feature
Hi! My name is Nancy Zook, and I will be replacing Miss Christina in the office. Before coming to Fairview Christian School, I worked as secretary at Christian Aid Ministries in Berlin, Ohio. I worked in the public relations and also the book-developing department. I loved my job, but I missed working with children. I had taught second grade for four years prior to my secretarial job, and I was ready to get back into school.

I enjoy hiking, gardening, being with friends, and learning new things. I especially enjoy graphic design and anything with a little spark of adventure!

I look forward to a new school year. I am excited to serve the staff and students here at Fairview the best I can.

Absence Cards
There are a few excuse cards per student enclosed to be used when your child is absent. Each student needs to bring a separate card. If a student is absent two or more consecutive days, you may put all the dates on one card.

Please be informed that all absences will be considered unexcused unless you send an excuse card.

Health Room Emergency Card
Enclosed you will find information from the Reading School District Health Department. Please fill out the health room emergency card for each child and return to the office as soon as possible.

According to the regulations of the State of Pennsylvania, we are no longer able to hand out any over-the-counter medication from the office. If your child is sick or not feeling well and needs a pain reliever of some form, they should come to the office and we will contact the parent.

If your child is taking a prescription medication, that medicine, along with a doctor’s order, must be kept in the office. The nurse will come to administer it at the scheduled time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.

Achievement Test Results
Enclosed you will find the 2011-2012 Stanford Achievement Test results for your child(ren).

2012-2013 Calendar
You will find the 2012-2013 revised calendar enclosed.

Mark Your Calendar
Sept. 3 No School – Labor Day .

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