Fairview Christian School

Bus Guidelines

1.    No standing, changing seats, or walking around.

2.    No sitting on the back of seats.

3.    No loud talking (above normal speaking tone).

4.    No putting your head, arms, or hands out the window.

5.    Elementary students should  not enter the bus unless a staff member is present.

6.    Singing will be allowed, but no loud clapping or stomping of feet.

7.    No shouting out the window or making ungodly gestures.

8.    Use the emergency door only for emergencies!

9.    No hitting, tripping, or otherwise disruptive behavior.

10.    No taking other student’s belongings.

11.    No throwing anything around on the bus.

12.    When the bus arrives at a destination, students should remain seated for instructions.  When the staff member stands up to speak, students must give them their full attention.

13. Pick up all trash before leaving the bus and close all windows.

14.    No climbing on the exterior of the bus at any time.

Fairview Christian School