Fairview Christian School

Uniforms & Dress Code


1.    A uniform promotes modesty and neatness.
2.    Uniforms and high standards help prevent giving offense.
3.    Uniforms result in higher discipline and academics.
4.    Uniforms help improve a student’s self-image.
5.    Classroom decor is provided by uniforms.
6.    Uniforms provide distinct difference, “Be not conformed…but… transformed.”
7.    Uniforms give identification for building school spirit.
8.    Uniforms reduce yearly clothing costs.
9.    Uniforms eliminate the daily decision of what to wear.
10.    Uniforms eliminate competition in dress.
All clothing should be clean and in good repair.

Dress Code:

“Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair,     and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden     man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.” I Peter 3:3-4
Sweaters worn in the Learning Center must be gray, white, or black .  They may not have any other lettering, pictures, or emblems except Fairview Christian School. No hooded jackets or sweaters may be worn in the Learning Center. Sweaters and sweatshirts may not be worn inside out. No motorcycle jackets are to be worn to school. No jewelry shall be worn.
On days when uniforms are not worn, such as field trips and all other school related activities, clothing of the same high standards as the uniform shall be worn. No tight-fitting clothes or slit skirts are allowed.
Sneakers shall be limited to P.E. class only (Kindergarten is exempt).

For Girls:
According to the above Scripture, we ask that girls dress simply and modestly. The uniform shall be at least knee length, worn with socks or nylons.  No sandals, flip-flops, backless shoes, etc. are to be worn. Snow boots or other high boots  are not permitted in the classroom.   No cosmetics or colored fingernail polish shall be worn. Girls shall maintain their hair at no less than shoulder length and may not dye their hair.  Pants that are visible below the uniform dress are not permitted  in the classroom. However, gray, black, or white leggings may be worn under the uniform.  Culottes or skorts may only be worn for gym and when participating in practices and games. All culottes or skorts worn for these activities are subject to the gym teachers approval.
Adopted Uniform: Plaid jumper (for younger girls) or gray jumper (for older girls)  with a  white  blouse.   Homemade cape dresses are also acceptable for the high school girls.  These dresses must be pre-approved. Blouses may vary in style but cannot be t-shirts or any resemblance of a t-shirt. Blouses shall have sleeves that extend at least halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. They  should also have buttons down the front and a collar. Turtlenecks are acceptable.  Low necklines are not permitted. Blouse necklines must come to the clavical bone in the front and the bottom of the neck in the back.

For Boys:
No tight-fitting trousers, parachute pants, cargo pants, etc. shall be worn. Sweatpants or slicks may  be worn for gym and when participating in practices and games. Shirt tails must be kept inside trousers. Students must have a standard, conservative haircut. No “punk”, “bowl”, “afro”, or “corn row” hair styles. The hair is to be tapered and is to be off the collar. It is to be above the ears, with sideburns no longer than to the middle of the ears. No facial or dyed hair is permitted.
Adopted Uniform: Black dress trousers and a white tailored shirt with buttons all the way down the front (no pullovers).  Kindergarten through 5th grade boys may wear a white polo shirt. The FCS grey polo may also be worn for boys of all ages.

Students who attend official school activities, whether on or off campus after school hours, must wear clothing consistent with standards of the uniform worn in the Learning Center.

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