April 2021 Newsletter

Easter Break 

There will be no school from April 1-6.  Have a blessed Easter!  We look forward to seeing you back at school on Wednesday, April 7.    

Christian Education Sunday 

Christian Education Sunday will be held on Sunday, April 11, at 10:00 am in the FCS gym. Come and enjoy many of the presentations the high school students will be sharing at Convention. 

Regional Student Convention 

The high school students and staff are excitedly preparing for Convention, April 12-16!  Please note that there is no school for grades K-8 on Monday and Tuesday, April 12 and 13.  With many of the staff gone to Convention, it leaves a heavy workload for those who remain at school.  Having two days off also gives families the opportunity to visit Convention. 

Spring Program 

Coming right up! Mark your calendar for an inspiring, uplifting evening on Friday, April 30. Our spring program will be held in the gym at 7:00pm. Your students are hard at work practicing.  We hope you can be there!  

Senior Missions Trip 

The senior class is looking forward to a Missions Trip to Florida, May 6-16.  They will be doing work at several missions in the Sarasota, Punta Gorda, and Miami areas as well as spending some time sight-seeing.  To raise money for the trip, the seniors are making hot lunch at school every Wednesday through the end of April.  Support our seniors by sending money for your students to buy their delicious lunches! 

Looking Ahead 

Please note that the date for Field Day has changed.  Field Day will be on Wednesday, May 19.  It will be a half day as usual.  Thursday, May 20 will now be a full day of school. 

April 1-6 No School, Easter Break 

April 11 Christian Education Sunday 

April 12-13 No School for Grades K-8 

April 12-16 Regional Student Convention 

April 30 Spring Program 

May 6-16 Senior Missions Trip 

May 19 Graduation 

May 19 Field Day (Half-day) 

May 20 Full Day of School 

May 21 Last Day of School/Awards Ceremony 

May 24-28 International Student Convention 

August 24 First Day of School! 

Transportation Requests 

Transportation request forms are included in this mailing for every student that received busing this school year.   If you need busing next school year, you will need to hand in a new request form for each student.  Please fill out the forms and return them to the office by Friday, May 14.  If you received forms and do not need them, please return them to the school office along with a note stating you do not need transportation. 


Thank you to everyone who returned their re-enrollment forms.  If you have not returned your re-enrollment forms and are planning for your students to return to Fairview for the 2021-2022 school year, please return the forms to the school office ASAP so we can plan accordingly. 

First Day of the School 2021-2022 

We plan to start school on Tuesday, August 24. The first day will be a half-day again. We will be sending a full 2021-2022 school calendar in the mailing at the end of April. 

Uniform Day 

We are planning to have a uniform day on Monday, August 2.  On that day you can come to school and return outgrown uniforms, make exchanges, purchase new uniforms, purchase dress fabric, and order dresses to be sewn.  We will not be having a uniform exchange on the last day of school. 

All exchanges and purchases can be made on August 2.    

2021-2022 Uniforms 

Girls: Grades K-4 will wear the plaid jumper as usual.  Grades 6-12 will wear the gray, homemade dresses with the school pattern and fabric like this year.  Fabric can be purchased from the school office on uniform day or anytime.  If you need someone to sew dresses for you, please let the office know.   

The gray dresses can be returned to the school for a $10 credit.  We will make any needed repairs and sell used dresses for $15.  A new dress sewn by the school will be $30.  Fabric is $5.00 per yard for those who want to do their own sewing. 

Boys: The new style gray FCS logo shirts will be required next school year.  They can be purchased from the school office.  Outgrown ones can be returned to the school office for a $5 credit or exchanged for another used one, if available.  New polos for K-12 are $15.  Long sleeved button-down FCS logo shirts are optional for grades 9-12 at $25.  (The old, light gray polo shirts and white shirts will no longer be permitted.)