September 2020 Newsletter

Communication Envelopes
At the end of each month, your newsletters, calendars, statements, and other parent correspondences will be placed in a yellow envelope and sent home with the oldest student in your family.
Please read the contents, sign and date the envelope, and return it to the office by the due date on your statement or as soon as possible. Keep the information that is inside. Your signature tells us you have the information. Feel free to use the envelope to make payments or other communications when returning to the office.
Sometimes you will receive forms in these envelopes that we want returned to the office. Please send these forms back to school no later than the given due date.

Health Room Emergency Cards
In your yellow envelope that was sent home, you will find information from the Reading School District Health Department. Please fill out a form for each child and return to the office as soon as possible. Yes, this is in addition to all you may have filled out already!

Physical forms must be turned in to the office for those entering kindergarten, 7th, and 10th grades. If you have not taken care of this yet, please do so. Doing this will save the nurse and administration a lot of extra time. Forms are available at the office. Please remember to take care of and return immunization records to the school office before September 1. This is especially important for students in Kindergarten.

Excuse Cards
When a student is absent, the teacher will give the student their excuse card on the day the student returns to school. Please fill out the card and send it back with the student to give to the office.

Upcoming Events
September 4-7………..……Labor Day Vacation
September 18…………………………..Tuition Due
Sept. 24-26….……..High School Camping Trip
October 7………….Parent Teacher Fellowship

Parent-Teacher Fellowship
We are looking forward to meeting all the parents at our Parent-Teacher fellowship on Wednesday, October 7, at 7:30pm.

Hot Lunches and Cold Drinks
There will be no hot lunches served in September. Cold drinks are available for purchase at lunch time. The prices are listed below:
10 oz. drinks $.75
Pint drinks $1.00

New Website
We are pleased to announce that we have a newly designed website! We are using a new calendar system on the new website and plan to keep it current and make frequent updates. You can also find the newsletter, sports schedules, live stream link, and other useful information there. Please take advantage of this easy way to keep informed about schedules and events. Please visit

One Call Now
If you need a number added or deleted, please call or email the office. You can also check the website for calendar and newsletter information.

One Call Now Text Option
For short messages from teachers and the office, we would like to start using the OneCall text option more often. However, when these messages are converted from text to an automated speech message, they are often hard to understand. If you would like to receive text messages through the OneCall, you can text the word “Alert” to 22300. This will opt you in to receive any text messages that we send from school.

Skort Order for Girls
We will be placing an order for athletic skorts for the girls. Please give your order to the office by September 11. You may call or email the office at Size options are X Small – X Large. If you do not know what size you want, you can give us a waist and length measurement.

Trashathon Fundraiser
Since all City of Reading public schools will still be closed on October 28, the scheduled day of the Trashathon, we feel it is best to cancel it for this year and not have our students out on the streets of Reading. We may consider an alternative fundraiser for those who need it.

We are looking forward to another volleyball season here at FCS! Obviously with Covid-19, hosting events like volleyball games is a bit more challenging. We plan to allow spectators, but ask that everyone is considerate of others who want to enjoy the game as well, especially visiting teams. We are encouraging that adult spectators wear masks, and we will space out the seating as much as possible. We recognize this is not ideal, but do not want to be forced to close school because of an outbreak at a sports event.

Regional and International Student Convention
We plan to go to both Regional and International ACE Student Conventions this year. For a variety of reasons, we feel it best to only take grades 9-12 to Conventions. In previous years, 8th Graders were also eligible to go along, but Conventions will be only for High School students going forward. We are hoping and praying those events will be able to happen in the Spring! Regional Convention is planned for April 12-16, and International Convention May 24-28.

Pencils and Erasers
We have a supply of pencils, cap erasers, and lead. Students may purchase these items at the office.
Pencil $.50
Mechanical Pencil $1.00
Pink Pearl Eraser $1.00
Cap Eraser $.25
Lead $.10