Fairview Christian School


The responsibility for scholastic achievement is placed on students. It is believed that homework should not be the norm for most students. The goals set by the student and reviewed by the supervisor should not be much more than the student is capable of completing during the school day. Should the student not meet their goals for that day, they may be required, at the discretion of the supervisor, to complete the work at home or after school in the Learning Center. On the homework slip, there will be a place for the parent or guardian to sign indicating that they are aware the student has homework. Students having unfinished goals repeatedly will be dealt with individually.

After each academic week, every student who has taken a test is given a Congratulations Slip which they take home to their parents to inform them of their achievement. This gives parents an excellent opportunity to encourage and compliment the student.

The grading system of our school is designed to give parents a true indication of the student’s progress or lack thereof.
Progress Reports are sent home following the end of each nine-week quarter.

A quarterly field trip is planned for each Learning Center. A natural outgrowth of such trips is that students get a break from the classroom to experience an educational or fun activity. Parents are invited to go along.  If you will be a chaperone for children other than your own, you will be subject to the required PA criminal background checks.

Fairview Christian School