Student Handbook

Fairview Christian School is a vision and effort of the Fairview Mennonite Church to provide a quality, Bible-centered education for the benefit of our church families and other interested families.

Statement of Faith

We believe in:

  1. The inspiration of the Bible, equally in all parts and without error in its origin;
  2. The one God, eternally existent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Who created man by a direct immediate act;
  3. The pre-existence, incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, ascension to Heaven, and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  4. The fall of man, the need of regeneration by the operation of the Holy Spirit on the basis of grace alone, and the resurrection of all to life or damnation; and
  5. The spiritual relationship of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, living a life of righteous works, separated from the world, and witnessing of His saving grace through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


  1. To obey the Scriptural imperatives of Deut. 6:5-7a “…love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children…” and of Proverbs 22:6 to “train up a child in the way he should go.”
  2. To teach our children appreciation for the Bible and its principles,that God is Almighty, that Jesus is the Son of God and Savior of the world, and that the Holy Spirit infills and directs the believer.
  3. To provide our children with the academic training necessary for life and service.
  4. To promote self-discipline by training children to be reverent, consistent, appreciative, responsible, and to develop wholesome character.
  5. To teach our children respect for authority in the home, church, and government.
  6. To provide a godly environment and preparation for life through a Bible-centered curriculum.
  7. To lead each student to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Christian school is an extension of the Christian home in training young people for time and eternity. The school staff works closely with the parents to train the whole child.

Attendance Privileges

Attendance at this school is a privilege and not a right. Every student attends Fairview Christian School at the discretion of the administration of Fairview Mennonite Church and Fairview Christian School.  Attendance can be terminated at any time for any reason by the school administration.

The goal of this school is not to reform, but to train Christian youth in the highest principles of Christian leadership, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity, and good citizenship. This school stands without apology for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the highest standards of morality and Christian behavior.


Accreditation by a state governmental agency is an administrative mechanism designed as an attempt to attain uniform education for all children in government schools. It was established as a governmental means of causing local public school districts to meet what the state educational agencies determined to be minimum academic and facility standards for all schools. Accreditation teams, therefore, investigate and approve or disapprove of facilities and curriculum in educational institutions according to the criteria developed by secular educational administrators who may not be Christians.

Accreditation of a private Christian school is not necessary for a graduate of that school to enroll in a college or university. Registrars of such institutions are interested in the academic merits of individual students, not in the name of their school of graduation. Thus, they evaluate each applicant’s academic aptitude through nationally standardized tests. This school does not seek accreditation by any outside educational institution, but does endeavor to provide the highest possible academic program.

Our students annually take the Stanford Achievement Tests.  This is a good indicator of their academic accomplishments.  The results are sent home each August.

Graduation Requirements

There are four basic courses of study (honors, college-prep, general, and vocational) for graduation candidates; however, it is recommended that all students be prescribed a college-preparatory program until there is evidence that the student cannot complete such a program due to a lack of mental ability. A prescribed course of study will be determined through a conference among the staff, parents, and student. A minimum of 25 units of credit is required for graduation.

Parental Involvement

Parent orientation and conferences promote a good understanding between parents or guardians and the faculty/administration of this school. Every parent is required to participate in these informative and helpful programs.

The first meeting of the school year is Parent/Teacher Fellowship – held in October. Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled following the first semester. Test results, academic achievement, and discipline are discussed during the conferences. Both parents are expected to attend these events.  They are also expected to attend the Christmas Program, Spring Program, and Awards Ceremony.

A newsletter and calendar will be sent home monthly to inform parents of field trips planned, student achievements, and items of interest. It will be given to the oldest student in the family in a reusable envelope which must be signed, dated, and returned promptly. For each time we don’t have the envelope in which to send the newsletter, there will be a $1.00 charge.  All events are also added to the calendar on the school website.

Parents may feel free to visit the school anytime during the day.

Financial Information

Our school is funded by tuition payments made by parents or sponsors. The monthly statement comes home during the last week of the month. The tuition amount is divided into ten monthly payments. Please have your payment in the office by the third Friday of the following month.  The first payment is due on August 31st and the last payment is due around May 21st. Tuition amounts will be given at re-enrollment time for the upcoming year.   Throughout the year you will also be subject to some additional charges including: field trips, achievement tests, conventions, etc.

Standards Of Conduct

Students of Fairview Christian School are to abstain from cheating, swearing, obscene gestures, pornography, smoking, gambling, dancing, listening to music that is dishonoring to God, and viewing or discussing inappropriate movies.

In keeping with Biblical standards, any student that is involved in sexual activity, alcoholic beverages, or narcotics will be subject to suspension and/or expulsion if there is no repentance.  We will not tolerate any griping, physical fighting, arguing among students, talking back, disrespecting teachers, lying, and stealing.  All these infractions may result in suspension and possible dismissal.  

Dating relationships are discouraged while you are a student at FCS. Consideration will be given to seniors who keep it at a minimum and have their parents’ approval. The six-inch rule shall be observed at school in all relationships.

Students of Fairview Christian School must pledge to uphold the school’s standards and strive to be of unquestionable character in dress, conduct, attitude, and all other areas of life.

They shall agree to abide by the standards of conduct and other regulations expected of each student enrolled in this school.  They shall not give the impression to students, parents, or faculty that they are not in harmony with the goals, aims, and standards of the school. Profanity, obscenity in word or action, dishonor to God or the Bible, or disrespect to the personnel of this school will not be tolerated.

Any student observing questionable activities or overhearing conversations which are contrary to the policies of this school are encouraged to discuss the matter with a faculty member.

Do Not Bring To School

The following items shall not be brought to school: radios,  pornographic material, chewing gum, any form of tobacco or drugs, knives, guns, lighters, matches, computers, iPods, computer software, electronic games,  or anything having to do with ungodly TV characters. Please avoid anything that would detract from a consistent witness. The school reserves the right to search the student’s person (by a teacher of the same gender) in the event the school suspects the student possesses an unapproved item.  Such a search may be conducted without the student’s or parent’s permission.   The following items may be searched under any condition: backpacks, purses, pockets, desks, offices, lockers, etc.  Any illegal items will be confiscated.


This is not a corrective institution. Consequently, we ask that a child not be enrolled with the idea that we will reform him. We are here to work with the home, but not to take the place of parents who are experiencing difficulty in fulfilling their roles. The student must at all times conduct himself in a manner becoming to a Christian. If your child does come home complaining about a policy or discipline, please follow this procedure:

  1. Give school staff the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Realize that your child’s reporting is emotionally biased and may not include all the information.
  3. Realize that the school has reasons for all rules and that they are enforced without partiality.
  4. Support the administration and call the school for all the facts.

When a child’s attitude is not in accord with school policies or principles, the child will be placed on probation and both parents will be called for a conference. If the administration feels the situation has not changed within two weeks, parents will be asked to withdraw the child.

High school students in particular, because of their testimony before younger children, are expected to adhere to the school’s philosophy and Christ-centered program. They are required to sign a Christian conduct statement each year.

This school is dedicated to the training of children in a program of study, activity, and living that is Christ-centered. We believe that “all things should be done decently and in order,” and that our students should be taught to accept the responsibility to “walk honorably before all men.”

We seek to maintain a discipline that is firm, consistent, fair, and tempered with love. Our staff maintains standards of behavior in the classroom through kindness, love, and a genuine regard for the students.

However, when disciplinary action becomes necessary, it is firmly carried out, tempered by good judgment and understanding. Fairview Christian School is honored that you have asked our staff to assist you in training your child for Christian leadership. Our total program is designed to develop spiritual and academic qualities in your child. We appreciate your confidence in our program. To carry out your wishes for total character development, we believe it is necessary to follow Scriptural admonition to correct students when their behavior is in violation of reasonable rules and procedures.

Students are reminded that the Lord Jesus Christ expects us to be disciplined in all of life:

“Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord.” Col. 3:20

“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers…” Rom. 13:1

“Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves…” Heb. 13:17

“For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:” Prov. 6:23

“He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction: but he that refuseth reproof erreth.” Prov. 10:17

“Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying.” Prov. 19:18

“Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.” Prov. 22:15


After two corrective actions have been given, a teacher may give a student a detention if they feel it is necessary to improve behavior. 

When a student earns a detention, a Detention will be entered into the School Management System, and the parent will receive an email.  Parents should reply and acknowledge they are aware of the detention.  A detention is given if a student persists in disobeying the rules of the school as outlined in this handbook.

Conferences with the supervisor, principal, and parents are sometimes necessary to ensure character growth in students and unacceptable behavior does not continue.

The school board will be in charge of advising in the case of any serious discipline problems. The administration will be responsible for all dismissals.

Uniforms & Dress Code


  1. A uniform promotes modesty and neatness.
  2. Uniforms and high standards help prevent giving offense.
  3. Uniforms result in higher discipline and academics.
  4. Uniforms help improve a student’s self-image.
  5. Uniforms provide distinct difference, “Be not conformed…but… transformed.”
  6. Uniforms give identification for building school spirit.
  7. Uniforms reduce yearly clothing costs.
  8. Uniforms eliminate the daily decision of what to wear.
  9. Uniforms eliminate competition in dress.

All clothing should be clean and in good repair.

Dress Code:

“Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair,     and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden     man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.” I Peter 3:3-4

Sweaters worn in the Learning Center must be gray, white, or black .  They may not have any other lettering, pictures, or emblems except Fairview Christian School. No hooded jackets or sweaters may be worn in the Learning Center. Sweaters and sweatshirts may not be worn inside out. No jewelry shall be worn.

On days when uniforms are not worn, such as field trips and all other school related activities, clothing of the same high standards as the uniform shall be worn.

Shoe Policy:

Boys: Boys’ shoes may be dress shoes or sneakers, but must be completely black, including symbols and soles.

Girls: Girls’ dress shoes may be black, grey, or white. Sneakers may be worn, but must be completely black, like the boys are required to wear.

For Girls:

According to the above Scripture, we ask that girls dress simply and modestly. The uniform shall be at least knee length, worn with socks or nylons.  No sandals, flip-flops, backless shoes, etc. are to be worn. Snow boots or other high boots are not permitted in the classroom.   No cosmetics or colored fingernail polish shall be worn. Girls shall maintain their hair at no less than shoulder length and may not dye their hair.  Pants that are visible below the uniform dress are not permitted  in the classroom. However, gray, black, or white leggings may be worn under the uniform.  Culottes or skorts may only be worn for gym and when participating in practices and games. All culottes or skorts worn for these activities are subject to the gym teachers approval.

Adopted Uniform: Plaid jumper (for younger girls) or gray jumper (for older girls) with a  white  blouse.   Homemade dresses are also acceptable for the high school girls.  These dresses must be pre-approved. Blouses may vary in style but cannot be t-shirts or any resemblance of a t-shirt. Blouses shall have sleeves that extend at least halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. They  should also have a collar. Turtlenecks are acceptable.  Low necklines are not permitted. Blouse necklines must come to the clavical bone in the front and the bottom of the neck in the back.

For Boys:

No tight-fitting trousers, parachute pants, cargo pants, etc. shall be worn. Sweatpants or athletic pants may  be worn for gym and when participating in practices and games. Shirt tails must be kept inside trousers. Students must have a standard, conservative haircut. No “punk”, “bowl”, “afro”, or “corn row” hair styles. The hair is to be tapered and is to be off the collar. It is to be above the ears, with sideburns no longer than to the middle of the ears. No facial or dyed hair is permitted.

Adopted Uniform: Black dress trousers and the FCS grey polo may also be worn for boys of all ages.  If a dress shirt is preferred, the FCS grey dress shirts may be worn.

Special Activities

Students who attend official school activities, whether on or off campus after school hours, must wear clothing consistent with standards of the uniform worn in the Learning Center.

Admissions Procedures

  1. Both parents visit the school for an interview.
  2. Both parents and students attending (7th grade and up) must read the handbook.
  3. Submit your application accompanied by registration fee and all applicable forms.
  4. Parents will be notified of acceptance.
  5. A medical report must be filled out and submitted to the school office. All students must receive the mandatory vaccinations as outlined by the CDC. These regulations are enforced by the Reading School District nurses. Exemptions are also available.
  6. New students may be subject to testing for grade-level placement if they are transferring from a public or other private school.
  7. Returning students must re-enroll within 30 days after receiving the re-enrollment forms for the following school term, in order to guarantee acceptance.
  8. No student has the right to re-enroll, and applications for re-enrollment will be approved at the sole discretion of the school.All high school students must have a desire to attend FCS in order to be considered for enrollment.
  9. If tuition payments are not current at re-enrollment time, you will be ineligible to enroll. If the 30 day re-enrollment period is past and your bill is then made current, you will be placed on the waiting list.


A child must be five years old by September 30th in order to be eligible for enrollment in kindergarten.  Kindergarten will be in session on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

First Grade

A child must be six by September 30th in order to be eligible for enrollment in first grade.

Church Affiliation

Students and parents are expected to belong to and attend a Bible-believing church regularly.

Medical Guidelines

We do not give out any medication. All medical emergencies are handled by calling 911.


We do not provide transportation. You are eligible for transportation through your school district if the distance from the end of your school district to our school is not greater than 10 miles.  Students are to display good Christian character and conduct when riding public school transportation. Those who live in Reading need to check with Reading School District Transportation for further details.

Campus Policy

Students may not leave school during school hours without teacher permission. For all school activities, students may not drive other students without permission from a teacher and the drivers and passenger’s parents. If students stay after school for sports games, etc., their actions after school are the responsibility of the parents, not the staff at school.  Be sure to communicate with your students about what they plan to do after school hours.


We will be sending out school calendars for the following school term by May 1st of the current school term.  If testing is necessary, new students will be tested as early in the summer as possible. The school day will begin at 8:15 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.  Office hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. each day that school is in session. We will not be responsible for students before 7:30 a.m. and after 3:15 p.m. Students who walk to school may not loiter after school is dismissed.

The excuse cards must be signed by a parent or guardian and presented to the supervisor when a student returns to school after an absence. If the absence is foreseeable, a note would be helpful for the supervisor.   Doctor or dentist appointments, music lessons, etc. should be scheduled after school hours if at all possible.

All students are expected to be in their seats when the opening bell rings. Repeated tardiness can result in suspension and expulsion. Tardiness is noted on the student’s permanent record.

School Delays Or Closings

When possible, we will have the announcement  on WEEU (830 AM) by 6:00 a.m. You can also log onto and click on the school closings link. A phone call hotline will go out around 6:00.

If Fairview Christian School has school, all students are asked to come – if the roads are safe – regardless of what your local school district does. If students cannot make it, it will be entered as an excused absence. In extreme cases, you may call the office to discuss with administration how to not be considered absent.

School will be closed for national holidays and teacher training days.

School Supplies

General supplies for all students:

  • Personal Bible – King James Version
  • Blue or Black ballpoint pen
  • Pencils (at least two) or
  • Lead pencils and lead
  • Standard notebook paper
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Tissues
  • Small box for supplies
  • Elementary Department:
  • Scissors (rounded point)
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • High School Department:
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Texas Instrument 30XIIS Calculator

Field Trips

Periodic field trips are planned to supplement the classroom and provide hands-on learning.


Students are required to complete the homework assigned by their respective teacher. We strive for a good balance of rest and learning at home.  If you have concerns about your child’s amount of homework, please contact the teacher.

Progress Reports

Two paper copies of the Progress Reports will be sent home at the end of each Quarter.  One should be signed and returned to school, and the other is for you to keep.  For more current grades, parents and students are welcome to login to the School Management System at any time to see a student’s current grades/absences/discipline reports/etc.

Student Desks

We encourage that these be used to honor God.  We discourage promoting sports, politics, etc.  Positive and approved items are encouraged such as nature and character building posters.  Staff members have the right to ask any student to remove any posted materials.

Lunch Guidelines

  1. All trash must be picked up before students leave the lunchroom.
  2. No running, bouncing, or throwing balls while students are eating.
  3. Noise must be kept at a reasonable level while eating.

Hot lunches and drinks may be available at school to be purchased by the students. Prices will be given in the August newsletter.

Playground Guidelines

  1. No running on the way to the park. All students should stay behind the staff member.No bouncing balls along the way.  Stay off the grass or property of others. Do not touch leaves, shrubs, stop signs, etc.  No cleaning shoes on lawns or payments.
  2. No hitting, pushing, or unkind words.
  3. Stay in the sight of teachers when playing.
  4. At the blowing of the whistle, all games must stop.
  5. Before returning to the school, line up at the fence.
  6. If a ball crosses the street, you must have permission to get it.

Bus Guidelines

  1. No standing, changing seats, or walking around.
  2. No sitting on the back of seats.
  3. No loud talking.
  4. No putting your head, arms, or hands out the window.
  5. Elementary students should not enter the bus unless a staff member is present.
  6. No shouting out the window or making ungodly gestures.
  7. Use the emergency door only for emergencies!
  8. No throwing anything around on the bus.
  9. When the bus arrives at a destination, students should remain seated for instructions.
  10. Pick up all trash before leaving the bus and close all windows.
  11. No climbing on the exterior of the bus at any time.


Faculty desks and closets are off limits to students. Students must respect other students’ personal space and property. Students who deface or break property will be expected to pay for repairs.

Physical Education

No student is excused from the required Physical Education class unless they have a written doctor’s excuse or have an obvious temporary condition that prohibits participation.

Telephone Use

Cell phones are not to be used unless given permission by a faculty member. Phones are collected  each morning by the teacher and kept in a visible place in the classroom to be used only with permission.

Annual Awards Day

Gifts and certificates highlight the annual Awards Day on the last day of school. Students work hard during the year to attain these awards. Supervisors will recognize students with awards such as:

  • Highest PACE Average (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each Learning Center)
  • Most PACEs Completed (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each Learning Center)
  • Principal’s Honor Roll (94% & up)
  • Supervisor’s Honor Roll (88-93.99%)
  • Honorable Mention (80-87.99%)
  • Scripture Memorization
  • A Character Trait for Each Student
  • Best Penmanship
  • Christian Character
  • Citizenship & School Spirit
  • Miss Best Office
  • Mr. Best Office
  • Most Improved Student
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Faithful Attendance (absent 5 days or less)
  • Sportsmanship
  • Student of the Year

International Honors Certificate

An International Honors Certificate is available to students who qualify by meeting these requirements:

An average grade score of 12.9 or higher on a national achievement test must be attained.

A student must complete a minimum of 25 credits.

The student must achieve a minimum PACE average of 94%.

Regional And International Student Conventions

Two of the most exciting and rewarding events for students are the annual ACE Regional Convention held in April, and the ACE International Student Convention held in May. Students in Grades 9-12 are encouraged to prepare for competition in more than 150 events, including athletics, music, arts, crafts, and platform events. Winners at  Regional Convention are eligible to participate at the International Convention held the last week of May. Contestant guidelines are available to assist students in preparing for competition.


Fire drills are conducted each month. When the fire alarm rings, students are expected to file out the building in an orderly manner. They are expected to return in a similar way.

Crises response drills are conducted twice each school term. Follow the instructions given by the teacher in these drills.


Fairview Christian School is not liable for any injury to your child that occurs at school while participating in normal school activities, sports activities, or during any school activity away from school.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

Fairview Christian School admits students of any race, color, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnic origin in administration of its educational or admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, or athletic and other school-administered programs.