General Guidelines

1.    Fill in all the blanks in PACEs.

2.    Self Tests should be passed with an 80% to show you are prepared for the PACE Test.

3.    All tests must be passed with a 90% or 80%, depending what PACE level it is.

4.    All words misspelled in the PACEs must be underlined and spelled correctly.

5.    Eating in the Learning Center during break is subject to the discretion of each supervisor.

6.    As you complete your goals each day, place each completed PACE on top of your office to be checked.

7.    An elementary student who wishes to take a PACE home must receive permission from the supervisor.  Any lost PACE will result in an additional PACE Charge.

8.    Students should have a knowledge of all vocabulary words.

9.    If a student recites the monthly Bible  memory by the 15th of the month, they will be rewarded with a treat or prize in the elementary grades.  Every student (K-12) is required to learn the Bible   memory passage each month.

10.    All PACE work must be done in pencil or lead pencil.


We encourage that these be used to honor God.  We discourage promoting sports, politics, etc.  Positive and  approved items are encouraged such as nature and character building posters.  Staff members have the right to ask any student to remove any posted materials.